Grey Knights CAD and Skitarii Maniple by French Toast

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my list. I used to play casual games of wh40k back in 5th ed, but got out of it during the beginning of 6th edition. My friend and me have recently gotten back into it and so we want to start at games just a little over a 1000 points. We've already done 750pt battles. With the skitarii release, I was extremely excited and so began building this list. The idea is to have the vanguard go in the rhinos, rangers stay back for support, while Crowe goes with the ruststalkers to buff them and accept challenges. Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged! Last note, my buddy plays necrons, so any help in regards to that is appreciated. (Oh this is also the first time I've used command center 🙂 )

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Grey Knights CAD and Skitarii Maniple by French Toast
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  • Psyholic

    Hi there! Nice to see another skitarii+GK player 🙂

    Although I really like the idea of your list, I think (correct me if you’ve tested it and works fine) that you’re using a lot of vanguards compared to the ammount of rangers you have. Considering that you already have an enormous Close combat power brought by the strike squad + the vanguard bonuses, maybe you should consider changing 5 vanguards to rangers.

    Good luck.