Khorne Chaos Space Marines by Adam

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Khorne Chaos Space Marines by Adam
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  • Really just playing around with the list. I’m only half considering the list due to the impending release of sixth ed. and the new Chaos codex too.
    With sixty-one frothing psychos charging across the board, tactics are pretty simple and there should be much ruining of people day, I hope.

    • I’d consider putting meltaguns on the Raptors. Right now your woefully short on busting transports to let the Zerkers get to the gooey center. A plasma pistol or two in the Zerkers would help too. Not going to do you much good to charge transports and get shot in the face after. Dreadnoughts aren’t a terrible idea either in a Khorne list and help in this regard too.

      • Definitely a good idea with the Raptors, if only to let them jump ahead, get some shots off to bust open tanks (editted to reflect).
        I’d LOVE to do a couple of CC Dreads or a CC Defiler, but I’m kind of enamoured with the idea of a carpet of Khorne loonies hammering across the table. Later revisions will see the addition of Dreads probably. The only problem I have had with them is their unpredictability.