Khorne-hole that other guy! by Khorne Inquisitor

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Khorne-hole that other guy! by Khorne Inquisitor
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  • Khorne Inquisitor


  • JustHippie

    This is pretty damn scary TBH. You’d table me for sure.

  • Yep, looks like a Willy list to me 😛

  • This your Standoff list?

  • Now I know this is your Standoff list 🙂

    My only suggestion, not on the list itself though, is to not always default to the axe of Khorne on those lesser rewards. Even against my list last night, where they had the potential to be great, I think some of the shooting style rewards would have served you better. The potential to put a few more wounds in before the charge, I find, helps a lot with Bloodletters.

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