Khorne’s Storming Army by Karasu

Melee-focussed army. Tryout…

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Khorne’s Storming Army by Karasu
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  • Karasu

    I’m trying to figure out if this ‘melee’-focussed army is properly build. Any comments/ideas would be welcome.

  • The big problem you’re going to have is delivery of the melee units. Going on foot can work but you need larger squads to account for losses crossing the field. The problem with Rhinos in 6th is you can’t ever charge out of them, which leaves Land Raiders as the only assault vehicle delivery method. Of course Land Raiders are pricey and not worth the investment for what you’re doing.

    So, that means you’re stuck on foot. With that in mind I’d combine the Berzerker units into one squad of 19. You’ll still have 3 scoring units at 1,500 which isn’t bad. The small Raptor and Talon squad I don’t see doing much so, if possible, I’d go with one or the other at a size of 10 instead of two small squads. Again, small squads on foot are hard to deliver, so the Chosen and Possessed squads are going to have a tough time. A larger squad of one of them, instead of two small, will get you further.