Legio Praesidium and Support Cadre Copy by WarlordTitan

This roster is not intended to be used in any game. It is merely to see the size of a Titan Legion fielding two Warlords, three Reavers, six Warhounds, and a support cadre. Four units of five terminators form the backbone of the Astartes support unit; one unit of five Firedrakes acts as overall headquarters. Four Contemptor dreadnoughts form the heavy infantry of the Astartes detachment. Three squads of thirty tactical marines and one breacher squad of five act as the remainder of the supporting Astartes. One Mastodon, one Vindicator, and two Mastodons form the armoured element of the Astartes forces. Two platoons of Astra Militarum infantry and five pieces of support artillery act in defense of the Titans. Eight Vanquisher Leman Russ battle tanks act as mobile tank killers and mobile bunkers for the infantry. Adeptus Mechanicum forces are represented by five squads of Tech Thralls. Two Cybernetica Battlegroups and two Thallax Cohorts form the robot elements of the Adeptus Mechanicus forces. This army is best suited to engagements against multiple opponents combined in one army. It is not advised to bring all units onto the field at one time. This army is composed of 33 infantry units, 7 artillery units, 11 Titans, 8 tanks, 4 dreadnoughts, 2 cohort commanders, 3 tanks, one transport, and 2 drop pods.

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Legio Praesidium and Support Cadre Copy by WarlordTitan
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