Marines v2.0 by Maskado

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Marines v2.0 by Maskado
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  • Maskado

    One of my first experiments for 6th Ed with Vanilla Marines… The idea is to drop the ironclad with the drop pod and nezt turn try to teleport Termies from reserves and veterans with the librarian with the gate. Maybe Null zone could be a better option for his psychic powers instead of the curse.

    PS: Teleport homers work with the infinity gate???

    • Yes, the homers work for gate.

      Foot list, huh? Doesn’t look bad. I personally prefer the hurricane bolter on the Ironclad over the heavy flamer. Gives him a bit more utility and range.

      • Maskado

        I have a game later this evening and will try it. Maybe I´m using too many termies and probably a single drop pod is not a good option for the army. Less termies, no drop pod and ironclad, more vehicles could be better.

        • Maskado

          PS: Where can I check tha the teleport homer works for the infinity gate? I´ve looked at the FAQs and found nothing, and in my codex only mentions terminators and prohibits “units with jump packs, drop pods or other kinds of transports” from using it

          • There’s no FAQ for it, it’s already allowable. Also, Drop Pods use locator beacons, not teleport homers, subtle but very important distinction.

            Pg. 57 – Gate of Infinity: The Librarian, and any unit he is with, are
            removed from the tabletop and immediately place back together anywhere
            within 24″ using the deep strike rules.

            Pg. 67 – Locator Beacon: If a unit wishes to arrive on the battlefield via-deep strike and chooses to do so within 6″ of a model carrying a locator beacon, then it won’t scatter.

            That works as is. It doesn’t work with teleport homers though, what Scouts carry, as teleport homers specifically state it works for Terminators.

  • Maskado

    Second version of the list. More foot based, but heavier firepower.