Maw Legion Warband by KigYar Sin

Uncomplete as of right now: any suggestions?

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Maw Legion Warband by KigYar Sin
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  • No melee weapon on the Lord? I’d give him a power weapon of some sort since you may want him fighting challenges.

    With the changes to fearless in 6th, having the Lord with the Slaanesh Termies should prove brutally effective. Of course having them all as Champions will prove useful as well, if expensive. What weapons are they armed with? The stock ‘power weapon’ option I take it?

    Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of non-fearless units, especially with 6th. I’ve had bad luck with normal Chaos Marines failing morale and being swept in combat. I’d at least give them an icon of Chaos glory to aid with that.

    I also wouldn’t spend the points on a tri-las Predator. I’ve always liked the autocannon/las Predator and it got even better in 6th with hull points. Autocannons are great at stripping down hull points, you don’t need to punch armor like the days of old.

    • KigYar Sin

      Thanks for the feedback.

      1: my lord does have a power weapon, I’ve got a bad habbit of asuming everyone knows how chaos runs. He gets it with the terminator armor.

      2:Terminators are armed with twin-linked bolters and power weapons. i was debating heavy weapons or possible combi for the initial deep strike shots.

      3/4: I havn’t played 6th addition yet, nor do i have the codex lol. After tuesday i’ll have a better idea of how ur suggestions might work. I can see why autocannon would be good on pred even without the hull points. and as to the icons on marine squads i’ll consider that. The whole set up with this army is for games coming up very soon and is based on what i have or can proxy with very little problem. proxying banners might be hard, hence why i havn’t put icons on all my squads.

      Again, thanks for the feedback a lot. Any more advice/comments would be greatly appreciated.

      • 1) Knew he got one but wasn’t sure if you swapped it out or anything since it wasn’t noted.

        2) Combis are always worthwhile. They’re so cheap compared to other armies. It’s one of the few advantages Chaos has over loyalist counter-parts.

        3) For the points the AC/Las Pred is a bargain. You can’t go wrong.

        Before I had actually modeled icons on my units I used to just put a marker by the dude with it. Not ideal but most people would be fine with it.