MC Tyranid List by Mianless

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MC Tyranid List by Mianless
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  • Strategist

    One problem I see with this list is that it doesn’t really have much of a scoring presence, especially for 2000 points. You might want to consider exchanging both Regenerations from the 6W monsters as well as the Rippers for a brood of 15-17 Termagants (if models are available) and split the Hormagaunt Brood into two units of 15.

    Also, Toxin Sacs are probably going to be more helpful to the Tyrant than Adrenal Glands. The only benefit the Adrenal Glands have is that Tyrant can wound T5 on a two instead of three and T6 on a three instead of a four. Toxin Sacs on the other hand allow you to reroll all failed wounds in close combat up to T6 and also has the same benefit as Adrenal Glands against T7 (beyond T7 Toxin Sacs are better).