my 1500 points draft by bradley

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my 1500 points draft by bradley
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  • trashman2145

    any feed back would be great

    • If I knew Eldar better I’d help you out but maybe this will give it a bump and someone who does know Eldar will reply 🙂

  • Strategist

    I think Warlock’s are only able to purchase one power from the list given per Warlock (it says each Warlock may buy one power, not at least one from the list as the Farseer does), so you will probably want to playtest a bit to see which one helps the squad best (probably want to go with Enhance or Destructor if you want them to be agressive or Conceal if they are acting as a screening unit – the Avatar already grants Fearless so Enbolden is somewhat redundant unless you intend to use it purely to re-roll failed psychic tests on Eldrad).
    Also, Intersept no longer does anything really as the Hawks will automatically be hitting moving vehicles on 3’s due to their weapon skill (and sadly, intersept does not give them the Interceptor rule).

  • Strategist

    As for the list itself, I think you should consider trimming some of the upgrades to make room for more units (if possible of course). Holo Fields are probably not worthwhile for their cost in 6th as most people are looking to kill vehicles through glancing hits which completely bypasses Holo Fields’ defensive effect. Spirit Stones are more or less in the same situation, since one now needs a penetrating hit to get a shaken or stunned result and most hits are likely to be glances. 🙁
    Pathfinders are rather nice, but for 1500 you might want to run them as regular rangers. They are still quite a pain to disloge from cover and they still cause AP1 hits on a 6. With the points saved from the two vehicle upgrades and the Pathfinder upgrades, one can add a single Wave Serpent with T-L Shuriken Cannons or a second Wraithlord with sword and wrist-weapons (don’t forget about those on the currently included Wraithlord one by the way, said weapons are free and automatically equipped!).

    • bradley

      i did make this list when we were in 5th edition so it does need to be tweaked a bit thanks for the advise

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