My Future Blood Angel Army by kyle


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My Future Blood Angel Army by kyle
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  • Mitch

    A few comments. I have played a few games against blood angels and by the looks of your list (and please correct me where I’m wrong) you are lacking any scoring units for objective games and pretty much free of any AT units. Turn one your two whirlwinds are going to be destroyed and your sang guard are going to be at a disadvantage without an invulnerable save. I would look into getting a furioso dreadnaught to tie up enemy troops and get some terminators with storm shields for their invulnerable save. I have looked at sang priests and they seem to give feel no pain to their unit, you may want to look into that as well. Also exchanging some of your death company with a tac squad or two may be advisable as well.

  • Amberclad

    Seems pretty cool. The Saguinor is a waste of points though. Any of their special characters are better for the points. I would also go with a multi-melta on the storm raven.