Necrons built for general fighting by Jess

-Monolith, Destroyer lord and Wraiths deep strike.
-Deploy Lychguard (borrowing the warrior lord's orb) and Immortals in lines in front of the warriors for cover.
a. Foot-slough up or sit in cover laying down Tesla fire and Phaeron Gauss fire on approaching CC priorities.
-Monolith Drops in between their forces or in cover if possible laying down templates and walking Lychguard through to CC.
-Wraiths DS and move into area terrain before assaulting ASAP.
-Destroyer Lord drops out of LOS and takes max moves to get into CC with big threats. If convenient, I will attach the D-lord to the wraiths for wound mitigation.
-Scarabs obviously go after any armor, possibly sand-trapping some bigger threats.

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