Necrons built for general fighting by Jess

-Monolith, Destroyer lord and Wraiths deep strike.
-Deploy Lychguard (borrowing the warrior lord's orb) and Immortals in lines in front of the warriors for cover.
a. Foot-slough up or sit in cover laying down Tesla fire and Phaeron Gauss fire on approaching CC priorities.
-Monolith Drops in between their forces or in cover if possible laying down templates and walking Lychguard through to CC.
-Wraiths DS and move into area terrain before assaulting ASAP.
-Destroyer Lord drops out of LOS and takes max moves to get into CC with big threats. If convenient, I will attach the D-lord to the wraiths for wound mitigation.
-Scarabs obviously go after any armor, possibly sand-trapping some bigger threats.

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Necrons built for general fighting by Jess
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  • I’m very green with regards to actually playing 40k and have not played the Necrons since 3rd ed.
    My strategy consists of deep striking all of the available units. The Immortals and Guard will form walking cover for the warriors and orbs will be: 1 with immortals, 1 with guard and phaeron/orb with one warrior squad. The Guard can hang back to dissuade any CC or walk through the monolith to get some action. Do you have any thoughts?

    • I’m an old Necron player but I haven’t built them up in the new codex yet. A foot list is something I haven’t seen done in the current codex so I’m curious how it works out for you. It’s tough being on foot with such low initiative but of course if things go well you have the Wraiths, Scarabs and Lords to deal with that while the rest of your army rapid fires.

  • BenitoSenence

    I also see much more of the Necron new toys and the Ghost Arks are part of the best transports in the game with high armor and open tops shooting tons of guns, but I see your troop sizes are large and with the resurrection orbs should give you good surviability. I wouldn’y advise deep striking much, without many vehicles if you start rolling poor reserves you could doom those units that are on the table. The control of night fight gives the necrons an edge at closing the gap and unloading with gauss and tesla weapons so devise tactics with that as you have your list built to it. Good Luck!