newbie dark eldar Copy by valtairi

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newbie dark eldar Copy by valtairi
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  • SunFlier

    No Revangers (“Schattenjäger” on german)?

  • Skaidsaima

    The list looks like a good anti-infantry build, but I think it is a little light on the anti-tank. Respectfully, I have found it better to try and overlap functions so that if, for example, you lose four scourges early on, your anti-tank is not completely gutted. Wyches and Haywire grenades are good, but you probably won’t be able to use them until turn three (two if you are very lucky). If you reserve your scourges, the wyches can expect fire very early, and if not, then your scourges can. I have also found it better to mass transport wyches, because they are not fast enough on their own. Just my 2 cents.

  • Jacob B

    You can only take Hellions as a troop choice if you’re using Baron as one of your HQ spots. Otherwise, they act as a Fast Attack unit, which is fine because you’re only using 2 of the 3 spots on the Force Organization Chart. This does change the fact that you can no longer use them to capture objectives, though, so I would recommend you add another troop choice somewhere.

  • Kyle Reichert

    take a flicker field on the raider also. gives you a 5+ invuln. and I would take 4 implosion missiles. great for taking out terminators and other large groups of low wound models