Night Lords 2000 by Hugo B.

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Night Lords 2000 by Hugo B.
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  • Threllen

    You went a little heavy with the upgrades on some of these units. Icon of Excess is not really worth it when you only have 5 men in the squad. You could almost afford two more models in the unit in lieu of the icon. Definitely much better. Marks are usually a waste on cultists. They exist to hold objectives, their fighting leaves something to be desired and charging across the field usually just gets them wiped off the map. Especially upgrading them all to shooty cultists and giving them a mark of khorne – you’re going to shoot Rapid Fire and assault with them? The Noise Marines are also too diverse. They have a flamer, 24″ range guns, and super long range guns. If you want to get up in the enemies face, cut the sonic blasters and Blastmaster. If you want to sit on an objective, cut the Doom Siren. Same with your generic marines – don’t get both a heavy bolter and a CCW on everyone. I apologize for all the nitpicky stuff, but it definitely hampers your army to try to make everyone a do-it-all unit. Make them really good at one thing and then utilize them as such. I totally get the Slaanesh Night Lords theme and it’s cool, but make a unit shooty or close combat: not both. Just quickly glancing through and cutting upgrades I would consider superfluous, I saved 283 points. Just think of how much more you could stick in your army with that.