Night Lords “Competitive List” by Deal_With_It

This list is meant for a friendly competitive environment. No power gaming intended.

I tried to respect a little bit the NL's "fluff" as they would use surprise attacks, diversions and "terror", aka involving raptors.

God's marks are for efficiency only and may not be represented on the mini.

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Night Lords “Competitive List” by Deal_With_It
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  • If you’re investing that much into your Lord then why not the sigil of corruption over the aura of dark glory? Also, where is he going, what unit is he joining? The bike is an interesting choice where you have no other bikes in the list.

    I don’t feel that your 5-man squads are going to hold up very well in a 1,750 game. The 5-man Raptor squads will be hard pressed to do much before dying. You could suicide the melta squad but it’s going to be a one-shot deal. I’d consider making that a 10-man just for resilience and the ability to perform a role before going down.

    I’m not a fan of daemonic possession on a Predator either. The TL-lascannon doesn’t matter too much but it will on those heavy bolters. Your better putting daemonic possession on the Vindicator where it doesn’t matter so much since it’s firing a blast weapon.

    • Deal_With_It

      Hi there. The goal behind the Lord was to put him in the CC raptor squad and hunt down enemy characters/creatures or play the role of a bullet magnet (alone). The aura was a cheaper choice over the sigil, and considering that he has T6, it will be unlikely for him to get wounded easily (except for the bullet magnet scenario).

      Also, i was thinking that having several squads instead of one could be more convenient in front of, let’s say, a Necron Warriors enthusiast (the army i’m regularly facing for casual gaming…)

      Clever, i didn’t thought about the BS3 of the deamonic possession…

      Thanks for your advises !

      • The problem on the small Raptor squads though is LD checks. Your Lord will make one fearless if he joins them but otherwise you only need to lose 2 models and you’re making a morale test. If you make a single unit and join the Lord then you won’t have to worry about that. If you make it a 10-man and keep those meltaguns too then you can pop a transport and charge the dudes inside. Food for thought anyway.

        • Deal_With_It

          Mmmh, i see. Thanks for the tip 🙂

          • Glad to help. I make no claim on being an expert so my advice is just that, friendly advice 🙂