Orion sector incident Purge team by Thorn

Special Rules:
I've been Expecting you;
If an enemy unit arrives from reserve within 12" of Maldonius and within his line of sight
Maldonius and his attached unit can immediately make an out-of-sequence shooting attack against this target.
There is no limit to how many times this can be used in a turn

Solid Intel (Spy Network);
Maldonius can re-roll to steal the initiative, or force the opponent to roll his

Lord of War;
Maldonius can take an unlimited number of Stormtrooper Teams as troop choices

Reinforced Aegis;
-4 Ld penalty to Psychic tests when the affected unit is within 12" of the unit
with the Reinforced Aegis


Inquisitor Maldonius of the Ordo Hereticus:
Maldonius served as an Inquisitorial Stormtrooper for eighteen years before being moved up to the rank of interrogator
at the behest of several Inquisitor Lords he had served under. Finally after many years he was elected to the role of
Inquisitor General of the Cadian 51st Defense Force which valiantly fought back the tides of Chaos spilling forth from
the Eye of Terror daily. This was until they were betrayed and caught in an ambush by Renegade forces which took the
lives of many of his men. This has never left the Inquisitor and he commissioned the metal of the Ident-tags of his troopers
to be melted down and forged into a master crafted Daemon Hammer called Vengance which he carries not just as a
weapon but as a sign he will never forget and he will never stop until he finds the ones who betrayed his Kin.

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers Gladius & Sabre;
In the wake of the betrayal of the Cadian 51st Defense Force the Inquisitor Generals elite bodyguard managed
to fight their way out from the massacre with the Inquisitor himself. Ever since they have stayed close to him, they are
said to fight with a fervour and vigour that only someone possessed by the God-Emperor himself could attain. They have
never been known by individual name to anyone outside their brothers in arms and each one fights from behind a mirrored
rebreather system so none shall see the face of their killer except their own in the fleeting moment of death.

The Twins (Venerated Brothers Maritus & Caspian);
The Twins were once brothers in battle to the Inquisitor Maldonius himself, that is until they sacrificed themselves
nobly when the 51st was caught in the renegade ambush that wiped out many of their brothers but saved the Inquisitor from
an onslaught from a score of Daemon Hosts of the enemy.
Now their unending fury is channelled into every step and every shell that leaves the weapon systems, mounted on
their sarcophagi.
Because duty is not truly ended in death. . .

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