Ork 02 by vxX Zero Xxv

Furiour Charge-To represent their reckless bloodlust many Ork units have the Furious Charge special rule.

Glory Hogs-They must always attempt to shoot at and/or assault an enemy vehicle if there is one in line of sight, regardless of range. If there is no visible vehicle target, the Tankbustas may select a target as normal.

Independent Character-

Mob Rule!-If an Ork mob numbers 11 or more models, it has the Fearless special rule.

Psyker-Old Zogwort is a psyker

Ramshackle-If a Trukk suffers a Vehicle Destroyed! or Vehicle Explodes! (wrecked) result, roll on the Ramshackle table below and apply the result instead or the usual effects. If the Trukk suffers more than one Vehicle Destroyed! or Vehicle Explodes! result, roll one dice per result on the Ramshackle table, but only apply the lowest dice roll.

Slow and Purposeful

Swoop Attack-Zagstruk and da Vulcha Boyz must enter the battle via Deep Strike. They may not shoot that turn, but to represent their swooping dive into the enemy ranks they may assault that turn (provided they are close enough). If the Vulcha Squad assaults the turn it Deep Strikes into play, remove D3 Stormboyz at the beginning of combat as crash landing casualties.

Violet Temper-Should his unit ever fail a morale check, Zagstruk will execute a member of the unit to restore order. The unit is instead counted as passing the test, but a Stormboy model must be removed as a casualty as a result. If Zagstruk is on his own, the rule does not apply.

Waaagh!-Once per game, the Ork player can declare a Waaagh! during his Shooting phase. This may not normally be declared on the first turn as a proper Waaagh! needs some momentum behind it. For the duration of that turn, all friendly Ork infantry units have the 'fleet or foot' rule (not Gretchin units, they're fare too weedy for a proper Waaagh!). If a unit rolls a 1 when making this Waaagh! movement, the Orks start fighting before they get to the enemy. One model from that unit takes a single wound. Not that the unit may still move an inch, and assault as normal.


Zogworts Curse-Zogwort may use his curse as a psychic power instead of rolling on the Weirdboy psychic power chart. Choose an Independent Character model that is in Zogwort's line of sight. If that model is within 18", both players roll a dice. If the Ork player scores higher, the target model is replaced with an angry Squig under the control of your opponent. It is an Independent Character that counts as Infantry.

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