Roster by Rui Botelho

Inner Circle Fearless and Preffered Enemy ( Chaos Space Marine ) Page 28 Of Codex
Grim Stubborn Resolve Page 28 Of Codex
They Shall Know No Fear Page 33 Of Rule Book
Combat Squad Ten Men Squad Split Into Two Five Man Squads on Deployment Page 28 of Codex
Independant Charactor Page 39 of Rule Book

Terminators Only!
Death Wing Assault Declare Deep Strike on Turn 1 Or 2 BEFORE GAME STARTS If In Reserve Page 44 of Codex
Vengeful Strike When They Deep Strike They Get Twin Link Page 44 Of Codex
Split Fire Leadership Test = One Guy Shoots at a Seperate Target Page 42 In Rule Book

Repair Special Rule Page 38 Of Codex

Bikes page
Turbo boost = move in shooting phase pg45 of rulebook
Hammer of wrath = another normal attack at initiative 10 pg 37 of rulebook
Jink = perminent 4+ cover save pg38 of rulebook
relentless = can fire any weapon as if it was an assault pg 41 of rulebook

Sniper = if a 6 is rolled for hits, you get to pick where the would lands pg 42 of rulebook
pinning = if enemy is wounded and dont make a save, they take a pinning test imediatly pg 40 of rulebook
strength x = always wound on 4 and strength 3 vs tanks pg 42 of rulebook refer to sniper
rending = if a 6 is rolled to wound, ignore the enemy's armour an add extra d3 to vehical penitration pg 41 of rulebook

Warlord Traits :

Sammael – Rapid Manoeuvre pg 28 of the Codex
Belial – The Hunt pg 28 of the Codex
Ezekiel-The Hunt pg 28 of the Codex, Mind Worm Psychic Power pg 54 of Codex

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