Salamander Space Marines Copy by Nagoo

salamander Chapter tactics
Flamecraft: may reroll saving throws against flame weapons, may reroll failed to wound rolls and armor penetration rolls that do not result in a glance or pen when caused by a flame weapon
Master Artisans: Each character may upgrade on weapon to be master crafted

Librarian has 1 psychic power taken from biomancy list in the warhammer 40k rule book.
Warlord traits taken from page 77 in the space marine rule book

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Salamander Space Marines Copy by Nagoo
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  • swiftspeed50 .

    Why are you using a Hurricane Bolter on an Ironclad? They’re specialised close combat dreads and are more points because of it, if you want a ranged dread take a normal or venerable, but if you’re going for Ironclad I’d recommend a Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon instead of that Hurricane Bolter. And yeah, I know it had an extra armour point, but that doesn’t make it work the 30 or so extra points for it. Also, Ironclad Assault Launchers are a good idea, very useful.

    • I’ve actually had really good luck with the hurricane bolters on the Ironclad. It gives him a bit of use when he’s walking and helps thin down infantry before a charge. You’re only losing out on one attack but gaining a role outside of just combat. The choice I feel more comes down to what your list needs.

      • swiftspeed50 .

        I see your point here but I’ve equipped mine with Heavy Flamer and Meltagun to help thin things out a bit, the Hurricane Bolter is only 3 twin-linked shots, and if you want a 2-attack thin it out a bit before charging go normal, it can still have a thinning out weapon, but the profiles are much better, the only drawback is the 1 less armour point. I have one of each and run them in support of each other, obviously not enough points to spare here, but you could support it with the Land Speeder and a tac squad maybe?