Scout Force by Andrew T.

Special Rules:
Reanimation Protocol: At the end of the phase, after Morale checks have been taken and fall back moves have been made, roll a D6 for each Reanimation Protocols counter next to the unit. On a roll of 5 or 6 the slain models return to play with a single wound placed within unit coherency.

Ever-Living: If unit is removed as a casualty do not add a Reanimation Protocols counter to its unit. Instead place an Ever-Living counter where the model was removed from play. Roll for this counter just as you would for Reanimation Protocol It must be returned to play with 1 wound within 3" of the counter and 1" away from enemy models.

Gauss Weapons: Score a glancing hit on armor on rolls of 6

Tesla Weapons: 2 hits are added for every roll of 6 on rolls to hit by Tesla weapons

Phase Attacks: Close combat attacks have the Rending special rule

Wraithflight: Never slowed by Difficult Terrain, and automatically pass Dangerous Terrain tests.

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Scout Force by Andrew T.
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