Space Marine all purpose combat list. by zewrath1990

Tactical Squad #2 is inside the drop pod.

Tactical Squad #3 is inside the rhino.

Sternguard veteran squad is inside the razorback.

The main purpose of the army is to use the drop pod assault rule, deploying the drop pod on first turn. Tactical Squad #2 is equipped to deal with almost any foe, on short term, their main task is to snipe a tank or deal with a quad gun emplacement (using the melta and combi melta, even attempting a snap shot on the missile launcher), upon their decent.
The locator beacon is used to bring the terminators in to the frey and support Tactical Squad #2.
The bike squad utilize their mobility to bring either their firepower or finish off a weakened squad, in close combat.
The Razorback will carry the sternguard's (and it's own) firepower to where it's needed the most, be it objective holdning or aggresive ploy of firepower. The combi-flamers are efficient for overwatch.
Tactical Squad #1 will remain pretty much immoblie, with the aegies defence line.
Tactical Squad #3 will be transported to what ever job they are needed. Hanging back and wait for objective claiming, supporting troops with firepower or other needs.
The Storm raven gunship will circle around and is tasked to deliver suppresion fire and is more than capable of fighting for aerial dominance.
The Storm talon gunship should only provide fire support, when the air-space is uncontested.

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