Space Marines 1500 Points Tournament List by Swiftspeed50

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Space Marines 1500 Points Tournament List by Swiftspeed50
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  • Deal_With_It

    Hi there.
    If it’s for a tournament, i’d say that having only two troop choices is a mistake, take 3 at LEAST for objectives. Especially if you split them in combat squad where they are even more fragile.

    Also, i’m not sure about the power fist on your captain… Is it really interesting to loose his precious Initiative 5/6 for a few F8 strikes ? He might even die before he stikes….

  • swiftspeed50 .

    Hey, thanks for your comments, but I tried having 3 tactical squads, I simply don’t have enough other ordnance if I do, as for the Power Fist on Captain, him and his command squad all hand storm shields and the bikes make him and his unit toughness 5. With an apothecary in the unit giving them Feel No Pain they’re basically my kill everything unit that I use to deal with mushy infantry and occasionally fisting a tank to death, so they’re not in much danger in combat, just ranged.

    Thanks for your suggestions, if you have any more they would be VERY welcome as the tournament is next saturday. I’ll be testing the list tomorrow hopefully so I’ll see if I can jiggle it around a little to get another troop in.

    Many thanks,

    EDIT: With the troops, my thinking was that I’d send them in behind the Vanguard with the Librarian, who’ll be taking his spells from Biomancy to buff up the unit. With the big scary jump pack models up front I’m hoping they’ll be an extremely dangerous bullet sponge while my tactical squads sneak up behind. I’m not even sure if it will be objectives as the game types are determined for each game, though I have no doubt there will be at least one (According to the law of averages there should be a 1/3 chance of getting an objective based game type, and since there’ll be 3 games in the tournament…). Your thoughts on this?

    Thanks again,

    • Deal_With_It

      I understand the tactic behind all of this. But you cannot really count on your opponent to do what you want him to do. Imagine a Imperial Guard player with lots of tanks and lots of S10-S9 weapons. He will blow your little squads in seconds. If you play against a vicious player, you can count on him to kill all your troops before turn 3…

      Also, the only anti-tank capability of your army is your vindicator and you HQ (who will need to come close to do the job). i’m not saying it doesn’t work, i say it’s risky. Also, don’t count on 1 combi-melta to shoot down tanks and IC. Take several if you can or even better, trade some bike’s twin-linked boltgns for meltas.

      As a Imperial/chaos player, i’m a bit worried by you’re anti-tank units…

      EDIT : Maybe you should trade the expensive Plasma cannons of your devastators for something else ? Also, i don’t know if having a sh*tload of different equipment for your venguard is a good idea. It’s point consuming and not really effective once in the melee. Try and tell us. 🙂

      • swiftspeed50 .

        My Vanguard are built to look good on display (For the painting contest my local GW holds every month, I’ve just built them and am painting them as we speak), not to be an effective fighting unit 🙂 As I said, they’re meant to be a bullet sponge, and having the different equipment, I think, will help to do that. Also, the people who I generally face at my local GW are mostly inexperience SM players, which I can easily beat. The people I am worried about are a Salamander player with a Land Raider and a VERY dangerous CM with his honour guard, an Eldar player, A Tau player, another Salamander player and a Guard player, who carries around a LOT of mortars, and I mean a LOT of mortars.

        The plasma cannons are actually one of the less expensive options on the devs as they’re 15 points each, with rocket launchers being 25 (With flakk, the best way to take them) and multi-meltas, heavy bolters etc. are 10 points each, so at a maximum I could save 20 points, not all that much really considering.

        As for swapping the twin-linked boltguns out, you can do that? where does it say so in the SM codex? Tell me the page number please? Or is it just something chaos can do?

        And as for the Vindicator, it’s served me well in the past, it’s a sturdy tank and I don’t really know of anyone with a lot of tanks other than the Tau player previously mentioned, in which case I have my Vanguard as a backup.

        My thinking behind the Stalker is that it can pop a transport or 2 if needs be but it’s mostly just flyer control and an anti-infantry backup tank.

        On the subject of anti-tank, tac squad 1 will split into combat squads, with the vet. sgt. and the melta suiciding or objective capping (Whichever is needed) and the Lascannon sitting back and popping tanks 🙂 I have them as one unit in case it’s an objective defending game or something and they have to sit back for that. The other unit will be charging forward, I’m still trying to jig the list around a bit to find space for a Rhino for them, though I’m not sure it’s such a good idea as it’s basically an easy first blood.

        • Deal_With_It

          Alright then, looks like your plan is done then 🙂

          Yeah you’re right, i thought SM had that possibilities for their bike, but i may be wrong, i had my chaos SM codex in mind… My bad !

          Also, i tend to mistrust plasma guns a lot, they tend to explode more than necessary when i use them… I would rather use laser cannons but they are expensive and i don’t think you can afford it, even by saving point from elswhere…

          Try this baby and tell us how they performed ! Go get’em ! >:D

          *What chapter btw ???

          • swiftspeed50 .

            Hey there, I run UM 4th company, which happen to have the same colour scheme as Dark Hunters (Apart from all the U’s lol), so I can run them as either, mean I get UM chapter tactics or WS depending on what I decide on the day, though I’ll probably use UM.

            I love lascannons but as you said, too expensive, and I only have 2 of them xD, and one’s in a tac squad.

            I see your point with the plasma weapons but with UM chapter tactics I can reroll misses for a phase, which means overheats too :).

            I’ll tell you how it performed tonight >:D

            • swiftspeed50 .

              Didn’t get chance to test the list today 🙁 I guess I’ll just have to go blind next week 🙂 Thanks anyway!