Space Wolves by casey

All Space Wolf infantry have:

And they shall know no fear:
A unit that contains at least one model
with this special rule automatically
passes tests to Regroup.The unit can
move, shoot (or Run) and declare
charges normally in the turn in which it
Regroups (in addition to the 3" Regroup
move). If a unit containing one or more
rnodels with this special rule is caught
by ^ Sweeping Advance, they are not
destroyed, but remain locked in combat
instead. Additionally, a unit that contains
at least one model with this special rule
is immune to Fear

Acute Senses:
If a unit contains at least one model with
this special rule, and that unit arrives on
a random table edge (due to Outflank, or
other special rules), then you can re-roll
to see which table edge they arrive from.

Counter Attack:
If a unit contains at least one model with
this special rule, and that unit is charged, it
must immediately take a Leadership test.
If the test is successful, every model with
the Counter-attack special rule in the unit
gets +l Attack until the end of the phase.
If, when charged, the unit was already
locked in combat, the Counter-attack rule
has no effec

Other special rules:

Berserk Charge:
+2 attack when charging, not applied during counter attack

if within 6" of enemy model at beginning of shooting phase, must forgo shooting, and must charge during assault phase, benefits from berserk charge, does not apply if accompanied by independent character, or non blood claw squad.

A glorious death:
if unit dies in combat, points are not awarded to enemy, if unit survives until end of game, points count against owner

Pack of one:
can not join or be joined by other units (exception, fenrisian wolves perks)

re roll failed to hit rolls on walkers, monsters, and all models with a toughness 5 or more

Loyal Companions:
must stay within 2" of companion character, can enter transports and count as two models

A model that suffers one or more unsaved
Tounds from a weapon with this special
rule is reduced to Initiative I until the
end of the following Assault phase

Deep Strike:


move through cover:
ignores dangerous terrain

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Space Wolves by casey
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