Standard 1500 Point Space Marine by Tyler Stansbury

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Standard 1500 Point Space Marine by Tyler Stansbury
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  • Why bother taking the Chapter Master? Only thing he gains you over a Captain is a one-shot ability. He does also open up Honour Guard but I see you didn’t take them.

    Overall a decent list. It’s so early in 6th edition that it’s hard to offer up a ton of critique without knowing what people plan on playing. Tacts on foot, for example, may not be terrible. Assault Marines got a bit of a boost in 6th. I played two games yesterday with a similar list and at this stage it’s all about practice.

    • Thanks, i’m pretty new (this is only my third list). My friend who is teaching and playing against me plays the Grey Knights. I’ve only done 500, a 1000 and now a 1500 point match. I’ll take your advice on the Captain there, kinda foolish for me to do that, thank you.

      • You’d think the Chapter Master would have more going for him than he does so it’s a common mistake with new Marine players.

        Anyway, enjoy. I’ve played since 4th edition and so far 6th edition is my favorite.

        • Thanks for the replies. But bigger thanks for hosting this and making it run smooth, would be a pain to do it any other way.

          • Glad you like it since I know many prefer programs that feed them the info.