Steel Legion by Turner

Junior Officer: The Platoon Commander can issue one order each turn. He has a command radius of 6". Platoon Commanders can use the First Rank, FIRE! Second Rank, FIRE!, Incoming!, and Move! Move! Move! orders as described below.

First Rank, FIRE!, Second Rank, FIRE!
If the order is successfully issued, the ordered unit immediately shoots at any visible target. All models firing a lasgun gain an additional shot for the duration of the Shooting Phase.

If the order is successfully issued, the ordered unit immediately goes to ground. The ordered unit receives +2 to its cover save, rather than the normal bonus. Note that this means the squad will not be able to act normally until the end of the player's following turn.

Move! Move! Move!
If the order is successfully issued, the ordered unit immediately runs, rolling three dice and using the highest result when determining how far they move.

Platoon Standard: Whilst the standard bearer is alive, his squad counts as scoring an additional wound for the purposes of calculating close combat results.

Summary Execution: If the Commissar's unit fails a Morale test the Commissar will summarily execute the squad's current commander – this is the model in the squad with the highest Leadership value. If two or more models in the same squad as the Commissar have the same Leadership value, randomly determine which of the models is executed. A Commissar (of either rank) will never execute himself or another Commissar (of either rank) – ignore these models when determining who is eligible of execution. The executed model is immediately removed as a casualty, regardless of number of Wounds remaining. The unit in question must then re-roll the failed Morale check – if this test also fails then the squad falls back as normal.

Aura of Discipline: Any friendly unit chosen from Codex: Imperial Guard within 6" of a Lord Commissar must use his Leadership of 10 for any Morale or Pinning tests as well as Leadership tests incurred by orders issued to the squad.

Amphibious: A Chimera treats all water features as clear terrain when it moves.

Mobile Command Vehicle: An officer embarked within a Chimera may still issue orders to squads. Measure range and line of sight from any point of the Chimera's hull.

Auto Targeting System: Target units cannot claim a Jink save
against shots fired by the Hydra.

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Steel Legion by Turner
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