Task Force Blood Talon (Blood Angels 2nd Company with 1st Company Support) by baz5396

AERIAL ASSAULT – A STORMTALON GUNSHIP that moved at cruising speed in its last movement phase can fire all of its weapons at full BS

AND THEY SHALL KNOW NO FEAR – Automatically passes tests to REGROUP and can move shoot or run as normal if caught in a sweeping advance the unit turns and r-engages in Close Combat

ARMOUR BANE – Roll 2D6 for Armour Penetration

ASSAULT VEHICLE – Disembarking units can Charge on the turn they do soeven if the vehicle was destroyed.

AURA OF FERVOR – All friendly units within 6" of the Sanguinor have +1 Attack

AVENGING ANGEL – When the Sanguinor is on the table choose an enemy HQ unit, The Sanguinor re rolls all failed to hit and to wound against the chosen unit for the remainder of the battle.

BLACK RAGE – Death Company are subject to the RAGE universal rull and do not count as a scoring unit

BLESSINGS OF THE OMNISSIAH – If a Techmarine is in Base to Base contact with a damaged vehicle he can attempt to repair it in the shooting phase. Instead of shooting roll a D6 for each Servitor with a Servo arm
in the unit Add 1 also Add 1 for a Servo Harnes If the result is 5 or More a weapon destroyed or immobilised result is repaired.

BOLSTER DEFENCES – All techmarines can increase a ruins cover save by 1 before the start of the game select 1 ruin for each Techmarine in your Army and they will repair it

COMBAT SQUADS – If a unit with this special rule contains 10 models it can split into 2 5 man COMBAT SQUADS. if both squads are destroyed it counts as 2 VP

DEEP STRIKE – Units arrive on reserve turns

DESCENT OF ANGELS – Units with this special rule only scatter 1 D6 when arriving by DEEP STRIKE or RESERVE

DROP POD ASSAULT – Half of your DROP PODS arrive in movement phase of your first turn. Units that arrive by DROP POD ASSAULT CANNOT ASSAULT this turn

ESCORT CRAFT – Stormtalon arrives at same time as another RESERVE unit can not escort units arriving by DEEP STRIKE or another Stormtalon, If used do not roll for the Stormtalon just the unit it is escorting


FEARLESS – Automatically pass PINNING, FEAR, REGROUP and MORALE tests, Can not go to ground and can not voluntarily fail a Morale check due to OUR WEAPONS ARE USELESS


FEEL NO PAIN – Allows a 5+ Save against all wounds taken baring INSTANT DEATH

FLEET – Re roll 1 D6 when calculating RUN/CHARGE distance

FURIOUS CHARGE – When charging into Combat Add +1 to strength

FURY UNBOUND – For each unsaved wound caused to lemartes if he remains alive his STRENGTH and ATTACKS increase to 5

GETS HOT – Roll to Hit as normal for each roll of 1 the firing model takes a wound (Armour and Invul saves allowed) A vehicle takes a glancing hit on a futher roll of 1,2 OR 3

HEROIC INTERVENTION – Declare before DEEP STRIKE scatter and on the turn they arrive a VANGUARD VETERAN SQUAD can not shoot or run but can ASSAULT

HONOUR OF THE CHAPTER – All members of a squad joined by a unit with this special rule are fearless

HOVER STRIKE – Declare in shooting phase, Stormtalon goes to HOVER MODE nad can not move but can pivot, If it shoots at units with out the skimmer rule it gains a BS of 5 shots during a hover strike have the
PINNING special rule.

IMMOBILE – Once on the table a DROP POD can not move.


INERTIAL GUIDENCE SYSTEMS – If a DROP POD scatters onto IMPASSIBLE terrain or another model friend or foe reduce the scatter till its safe

INFILTRATE – Units with this special rule are deployed last after friend and foe, Must be more than 12" from an enemy and can not charge in its first turn, the OUT FLANK Special rule is also confrerd to infiltrating units

LITURGIES OF BLOOD – On an assault all members of a squad joined by a unit with this special rule can re-roll all failed to hit, death company can re-roll failed to hit and to wound

MASTER CRAFTED – Re roll one failed roll to hit per turn.

MELTA – When within Half weapons range an additional D6 is rolled for ARMOUR PENETRATION


NONE CAN STAY MY WRATH – Death Company Dreadnoughts ignore CREW STUNNED and CREW SHAKEN results

ONE SHOT – May only be used ONCE per game











SHADOW OF THE PRIMARCH – All Blood Angels units (friend and Foe) succumb to THE RED THIRST on a roll of 3 or less




TACTICAL PRECISION – Unit does not scatter when deep striking

TRANSFIXING GAZE – At start of assault phase 1 enemy INDEPENDENT CHARACTER in base to base contact must take a LD test with a -4 modifier if it is failed Mephiston re-rolls all failed to hit and wound for the remainder of the assault phase.


THE SANGUINORS BLESSING – Choose a friendly SGT, He receives +1 WS +1 W +1 I & +1 A for the remainder of the battle

UNYEILDING WILL – The Sanguinor has a 3+ INVUL SAVE

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Task Force Blood Talon (Blood Angels 2nd Company with 1st Company Support) by baz5396
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