Tau Necron Allies by Adam Sippel


The Tau in this sector have come across the Necons, a race that was hostile towards them until the Ethereal and Orikan met. Orikan spoke of a timeline where the Tau and Necron were capable of defeating enemies beyond their comprehension. The ethereal eager to make allies out of such technologically advanced allies made a truce to cease the warfare. Now a collective group of Tau forces traveled with a strong detachment of Necrons from the tomb world. Shadowsun was dispatched to protect the ethereal in case the Necrons turned, but the Ethereal was sure of their alliance despite the danger. Orikan and Shadowsun have been known to fight side by side on the battlefield, and the duo is near unstoppable. The only thing keeping the two from being brothers in arms is the threat that Orikan's predictions will come to pass and their agreement will end.

"The Imperium of man is ever increasing in size, and we are not yet all awoken. I foretell destruction of us both in the battles to come, unless we stand together. Until your empire came here, most timelines were grim, but now many possibilities are open. One in particular I wish will come to pass." – Orikan to Ethereal

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