The 9th Brotherhood by vxX Zero Xxv

Special Rules
The Aegis: If an enemy psyker targets a model with Aegis he suffers a -1 penalty to his leadership for the purposes of the Psychic Test. GKC.pg21
And They Shall Know No Fear: Automaticly passes tests to Regroup. The unit can move, shoot, and declare charges normally. Sweeping Advances does'nt destroy this unit. Immune to Fear.
Grand Strategy: GKC.pg22.
Independant Character: RB.pg39
Preferred Enemy: Re-roll failed To Hit and To Wound rolls of 1 if attacking its preffered enemy.
Sorcerers/Brotherhood of Psykers: Psyker Mastery Lv1
Psychic Pilot: Psyker Level 1 leadership is considered to be 10, Perils of the Warp cause Glancing Hits
Reinforced Aegis: Psychic test Leadership penalties caused by The Aegis are increaased to -4 if the target of psychic power is withing 12"
Vernerable: ???
Fearless: Automaticly passes Pinning Tests, Fear and Regroup tests and Morale Checks, but cannot Go To Ground and cannot choose faila Morale Check due to the Our Weapons are Useless rule.
Combat Squads: May split squads of 10 into squads of 5
Deep Strike: RB.pg36
Assault Vehicle: Transportees may assault same turn as when disembarked.
Power Of The Machine Spirit: On a turn where the vehicle neither moves Flat Out nor uses smoke launchers, the vehicle can fire one more weapon at its full Ballistic Skill than normally permitted. In Addition, this weapon can be fired at a different target.
Shadow Skies: If the vehicle moves Flat Out passengers can still diembark, GKC.pg37
Force Weapon: Take a psychic test, if passed all wounds caused by the unit's Nemesis Force Weapons that phase inflict instant death, if failed weapons fight as usual. Does not suffer perils of the warp if failed
Daemonbane: andy daemon or psyker that sufffers one or more unsaved wounds must take a leadership test at the end of the assault phase. if failed the model is removed as a casualty, this applies regardless of whether or not the nemesis force weapons have been successfully activated.
Rending: To Wound Rolls of 6 automaticly hit regardless of Toughness and is resolved at AP2
Lance: counts Armour values higher than 12 as 12
Melta: Roll an additional D6 when rolling to penetrate a vehicle's Armour at half range or less.

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