The Brightblades by Lord Paladin Levi

Obviously I want to assault a lot, nothing seems better to me than hand to hand. Wanting suggestions though on how to make it better, especially against flyers.

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The Brightblades by Lord Paladin Levi
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  • swiftspeed50 .

    Sternguard with a missile and flamer??? Don’t do it, just don’t… Sternguard are all about manoeuvrability with combat support, so combi-weapons all round, allowing you to use their special issue ammunition as well as a melta/plasma/grav/flamer once a game (Which is generally all you need, send them down behind a tank in a drop pod and pop it with combi-meltas the turn you get there, then just mop up any infantry with kraken bolts.)

    • Lord Paladin Levi

      Right on, this is pretty much an updated list of everything I own and ran for the little bit of 5th i played. So without the missile launcher how would you counter act the lack of flyer attacking options?