Tyranid Core – First 500 by Jason Beardsley

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Tyranid Core – First 500 by Jason Beardsley
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  • SlatzG

    I’ve played WH40K years ago with a Grey Knights army. I’m now coming back into the game, and I’m starting with the army I’ve wanted to since I first discovered WH40k. I’d like feedback on this first 500 points of my Tyranid army. Any constructive critisism is welcome and encouraged.

  • JustHippie

    Tervigon is pretty much an always take in most armies. When you get more units he can be fielded as a Troop choice to boot. Doom is usually great and just a major PITA for the enemy. Flying MC’s are great in 6th edition so I’d suggest looking at a Flyrant and some Choppy units like Warriors or Ravenors.

  • TheRhino

    I’d personalyl take more Genestealers and one less unit of Temigaunts. The Tervigon will be crapping out at least one extra brood Turn One, so you don’t need two to start. Genestealers will be able to put thepressure on far earlier in a 500 point game than 12 Termagaunts.