Tyranid by sillyantics

Bonesword: No armour saves against wounds in close combat, if a model suffers a wound it must immediately pass a Leadership test or die.
Lash Whip: Any enemy model that is in base contact with a Lash Whiper counts their initiative as 1 until end of the Assault phase.
Scything Talons: Single set, re-rolls To Hit rolls of 1 in CC, Two sets re-rolls all failed To Hit rolls in CC.
Rending Claws: CC attacks rend.
Living Battering Ram: +2 initiative when it assaults.
Crushing Claws: Gains an extra D3 attacks in close combat, rolled for at beginning for each round of combat. Strikes at initiative 1, regardless of modifiers.

Fleet: Reroll one or more dice when running and charging.
Pheromone Trail: If a Lictor is on board at beginning of Movement phase, player adds +1 to any of reserve rolls. If a unit is deep striking, they may be placed within 6'' of a Lictor and will not scatter. Doesn't work if Lictor arrived from reserve during same turn.
Bounding Leap: When a unit runs, 3d6 choose highest

Shadow in the Wrap: Enemy psykers that take a psychic test within 12'' must take the test on 3d6 and suffer on double 1 or double 6.
Leech Essence: Psychic shooting attack automatically hits single, non-vehicle enemy within 12''. Target suffers D3, Str 3, AP2 hits. HT recovers 1 wound for each wound inflicted, up to starting wounds.
Psychic Scream: Automatically hits all non-vehicle enemy units within 2d6''. All units take a Leadership test, if they fail they suffer 1 wound for each point they failed by with no armour saves.

Lurk: May not move in movement phase and may not assault. In shooting phase, unit fires at nearest visible enemy. If no units in LOS or within range, runs toward nearest piece of area terrain, trying to move in if able.

Feed: Cannot shoot during shooting phase, may still run. Gains RAGE. Rage, if unit charges, it gains +2 attacks for charging instead of +1.

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