Tyranids 1250 Point List by Nolan

Instinctive Behaviour (IB)
Feed: A unit that Feeds is subject to Rage as detailed in the rulebook. In addition, the unit may not fire any weapons in the shooting phase, though it may still run, according to the stipulations of Rage.
Lurk: May not move in the Movement phase and may not launch an assault in the assault phase. In the Shooting phase, the unit must fire at the nearest visible enemy. If there are no enemies in the unit's line of sight or within range of at least one of its ranged weapons, or if the unit has no ranged weaponry, it must instead run towards the nearest piece of area terrain, trying to move into it if possible. If already in a piece of area terrain the unit will not move and will stay where it is.

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Tyranids 1250 Point List by Nolan
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