Tyranids Don’t Need Allies! by Nabbicus

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Tyranids Don’t Need Allies! by Nabbicus
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  • the bug keeper

    a prime cant deep strike with warriors you need two spores. i have found 18 termagants is a very easy kill i would try boosting the size a little. I am also one of the people who runs warriors despite people hating them i think they are a solid troop choice but i think they should be only shooty or a assault unit running them as both is very pricey and a tyrannofex without a rupture cannon? those never seem to workout well sure they get templates but initiative one is very bad in the case of terminators the anti tank in your army may need to be boosted i see maybe three capable of the role i run my tyrant the same way along with tervigon good luck.

    • Strategist

      In addition to the point raised by the bug keeper regarding the Prime being unable to join units in Myceitic spores (and he can’t take one of his own unfortunately), the spore probably isn’t even nessessary at all given Hive Commander allows one infantry unit + attached characters to Outflank and the Warriors are in the best position to take advantage of that ability (Tervigon will probably want to stick near the Termagant Brood and vice versa, so outflanking there isn’t as productive).

  • Strategist

    I like the overall idea of this list, but I think it might be a bit glutted in upgrades here and there. For a rough start, I’d suggest dropping the Mycetic Spore and the Deathspitters on the Raveners (they pay a bit of a premium for them over Warriors and truth be told probably aren’t going to get as much benefit out of them). This gives you enough points to add a brood of 15 Hormagaunts or 15 Gargoyles which adds a bit more forward offensive units and gives you a few more tools (Hormagaunts are a somewhat speedy scoring unit and the Gargoyles can be used to screen the Hive Tyrant from incoming fire should he choose to Glide rather than swoop).
    As a small side note, I think you can still squeeze in a pair of Scything Talons on the Tervigon with the list as it is now. Also, you may want to try a few games playing with Stinger Salvos on the Tervigon and Tyrannofex and see how they work for you. If nothing else, they give you a few more S5 shots to go with the Deathspitters and give the two something to do if faced with aircraft (granted, they can’t hurt AV12 fliers, but better than nothing).

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