Ultra Fists by vxX Zero Xxv

Special Rules
And They Shall Know No Fear: Automaticly pass tests to regroup, subject to the No Retreat rule
No Retreat!: rolls saving throws for however many wounds
Combat Tactics: May choose to fail any morale checks / Stubborn: Ignores all negative Ld modifiers for moral checks
Combat Squads: full teams may be split into halves, must be handled when the unit is deployed
Chapter Tactics: exchanges Combat Tactics for Stubborn, Sternguard Veteran Squads gain Hold The Line!
Hold The Line!: Sternguard Verterans are scoring units
Inspiring Presence: all freindly units withing 12" recieve +1 Attack whilst the model lives
Independent Character: all independent characters gain "Move Though Cover" and "Skilled Rider" Rules, may join other units including other independent characters but not vehicles
Orbital Bombardment: May use the Orbital Bombardment ability once per battle
Psyker: may use one psychic ability per turn, must pass a leadership test. if a double 1 or 6 is rolled then the psyker takes a wound, Inv Svs allowed but must be rerolled if successful, double 1s will let the ability continue wether the psyker lives or dies.
Infiltrate: Deployed last, may be placed anywhere on the map at least 12" away from enemies as long as an enemy unit cannot draw line of sight or at least 18" even in plain sight
Move Through Cover: Roll an extra D6 when moving through difficult turrain
Scouts: may make a normal move before the first turn but after deployment, must remain at least 12" away from enemies
Heroic Intervention: before deep striking the unit may declare heroic intervention and may not run or shoot during that turn but may assault.
Acute Senses: Lets you reroll night fighting target results
Eye of Vengeance: wounds allocated by the model is chosen by the controlling player not the opposing
Voice of Experience: may transfer BS to another unit but cannot shoot on the same turn
Stealth: all unit's cover Sv is improved by +1
Tank Commander: Ignores crew shaken and crew stunned results and may use the model's BS, if the vehicle gets wreked or explodes roll a D6 on a 3 or higher the model survives as a independent character ir on a 1-2 the model dies.
Honour or Death: the Chapter Champion, during assaults, must always direct his attacks at the enemy independent character and rerolls any failed rolls to hit or to wound and all wounds are directed to the opposing independent character
Power of the Machince Spirit: may fire one more weapon than what would be usually permitted, in addition it may fire at a different target than the other guns
Assault Vehicle: all units disembarking may assault on the same turn
Inertial Guidance System: if a drop pod would land on impassable turrain move the pod to where it would not
Immobile: may not move
Drop Pod Assault: half of all the drop pods must be used on the players first turn.
Pinning: if a unit would take any unsaved wounds from a pinning weapon they must take a leadership test, if failed the units must immediatly "go to ground"
Rending: auto wounds on 6s and counts as AP2, against vehicles an armour penetration roll of 6 allows a further D3 to be rolled with the result added to the score
Sniper: wounds on a 4+, all snipers are pinning and rending, against vehicles snipers are counted as STR 3
Melta: roll and extra D6 when penetrating vehicle armour, if the vehicle is more than half of the maximum range roll as regular
Gets Hot!: on results of 1 the unit suffers a wound, normal Svs apply.

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