Ultramarines (4th Edition?) by Astronomican

And They Shall Know No Fear! – Space Marines automatically pass Morale tests always. Space Marines are not destroyed by sweeping advance. No Retreat applies (suffer additional wound for outnumber ratio ie 2:1 +1 wound 3:1 +2 wounds etc)

Furious Charge – Add +1 to Initiative and Strength on the turn where the model charged into close combat. Does not apply to sweeping advances

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Ultramarines (4th Edition?) by Astronomican
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  • Astronomican

    Hello, I’m new and have never played 40k, however, I have been collecting 40k miniatures since Rogue Trader (1st Edition)! I still haven’t finished my army, but I’m working on painting them up right now and once I do this is what it will look like at first. I’ll be adding in a Terminator Chaplain later and then whatever is needed. Anyway, most of my models are lead or pewter and all of my vehicles are the original style! That’s why the Land Raider has a special no front ramp rule: the model originally didn’t have a front ramp! I’m still working on adding the arms to the sergeants, so feedback on their equipment would be good. From what I can tell plasma is shunned since it can blow up your model but maybe it is coming back in 6th edition?

    • What codex are you using? Dark Angels?

      Plasma is better in 6th than it has been. With cover being reduced and AP2 having an impact on vehicle damage it’s come back a bit.

      The Venerable Dread isn’t nearly as useful as it once was, not in 6th at least. I personally don’t feel it’s worth the points any longer. I’d field him as a normal Dread.

      My only other suggestion, as your models permit, is to get your Dev Squad into a role and not so mixed with weaponry. The one of each weapon isn’t so good as you’ll almost always have weapons that are more-or-less useless on the current target.

      • Astronomican

        Thanks for the feedback Thor! I’m using the Space Marines Codex from 2004 – very possible it is out of date. I’m looking forward to finishing up 30 or so models in the next month or two.

        • Ah, alright. Yeah, since 2004 they’ve released 2 more codices for Marines, the last one being released around 2009. The latest is drastically different from what you have, which is why I asked when I saw your list.

          That being said, your collection will fit into the latest codex just fine. Just a matter of adjusting some wargear/options (like terminator honors no longer exist), and points and you’re good.