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Welcome to the New Command Center: v2.0.0

I can’t tell you how glad I am to finally have this version of Command Center live. This version took less time than the original did, as expected considering I had done it once before, but it was still a substantial amount of work. Despite the effort involved, I’m glad I finally got around to this rewrite. This rewrite will, simply put, make my job easier.

So, what changed? Assuming I did my job right, not much that you’ll notice. By that I mean this version is a duplicate of the previous version in terms of functionality. The big change was the JavaScript library it uses to do things like autocompleters or dragging units around. I’m now using a different library for that and so I had to rewrite everything but in doing so I tried to make sure all the functionality you know is still around.

On top of that, I had to build this into WordPress. I wanted Command Center to finally have its own blog so I had to program Command Center into it. It was some added work but not bad since I build plugins for WordPress at my 9-5 job.

With this new rewrite to Command Center I can now more easily add in new features, and thanks to some feedback already I have some in mind. The plan for now though is to get everyone pounding this thing to see if any bugs turn up and to address those as they do. Once I’m happy with the stability I’ll move on to new features. Speaking of, definitely let me know of any bugs you find or any missing features.

I’m in the process of migrating over comments on lists. The process can take up to 24-hours, though I’m hoping it will go quicker since there was not a ton of comments here before. I’ve seen some migrate over already so things are looking good. Comments on the Feedback area are likely gone though. It’s all good since it will start off new in the¬†Feedback section with the new version of Command Center.



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